LCV Movements

Shaurya Raj Freight Carrier Pvt Ltd LCV Movements shipment means your load does not take space for a Part truck. Many different shipments are kept together in a truck and transported to different shipment locations or logistics centers.

In part load booking facility, you need not pay the charges for Part-truck load. You will pay only for your load capacity. During part-load shipping process, the shipment can be reloaded to another truck which will arrange the delivery to consignee’s warehouse.

Minimize your logistics cost with Shaurya Raj Freight carrier’s Pvt Ltd part load services! Shaurya Raj Freight Carrier Pvt Ltd, one of the top road transport companies in India keeps your supply chain moving regardless of the size of your consignment.

Our specialized equipment ensures that your part-load consignment will arrive safely and timely to the right destination. Maintaining your own cargo and courier transporting fleet involves lots of money and also, requires a huge amount of maintenance.